With its pop sucker-punches and old-school garage rock underbelly, “Mexico” is the perfect soundtrack for late night parties and road trips. You will be left singing at the top of your lungs.

"Mexico" is the perfect upbeat power-charging track. Rough guitars, upbeat drum patterns and M.A.G.S' vocals are the perfect feel-good-and-forget-about-everything cocktail!

Since his debut EP Cellophane in 2015, M.A.G.S. has gained a fair bit of attention,  especially after placing songs in TV shows such as Shameless and The Flash...

“Drugs” is one of those songs that has a different feel every time you listen to it, and is ultimately rewarding the more time that you invest in it.

Elliott Douglas, the multi-talented musical force behind M.A.G.S. came home for the holidays for a headlining slot at Buffalo’s Nietzsche’s on December 22nd.

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